Are you Marketing Gift Cards to your Guests?

The National Retail Federation (NRF) retail sales for Father’s Day are on track to exceed last year’s figure of over 17 Billion to over 20.1 Billion. Restaurants are recovering post-pandemic, and the numbers are climbing.    75% of consumers are spending again, and 32% of this shopper are looking for inspiration. Is your restaurant giving them that inspiration?   Do you actively promote your Gift Cards, or are they just shoved under the counter waiting for someone to ask for one?

All Successful Restaurants offer Custom Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards Promote Your Restaurant because gift cards are the number one impulse purchase. They are a wonderful way to promote your restaurant, increase sales and create repeat sales. All successful restauranteurs recognize this and prepare for every holiday well in advance. Many restaurants even invest in outdoor banners and displays to capture drive-by traffic.   Also, don’t forget birthdays! They are the number one occasion people purchase gift cards, so keep refreshing your displays and watch your gift card sales soar!

Gift Card Girl

Here are a few ways to promote your Gift Cards all year long

  • Dress up your restaurant and make sure gift cards are visible to all
  • Display a customized basket at your checkout or your restaurant with one of your gift cards and other small items like a bottle of wine
  • Advertise gift cards on your tables or create buttons for your servers to wear
  • Send an email to your customers with an embedded link to your online order page
  • Have a weekly to collect names and do a giveaway for a free dinner or lunch
  • Add gift cards or e-gift cards to your website and all your social media sites
  • Create an email campaign with gift cards
  • Create a promotion and give your servers incentives to sell gift cards
  • Use a Point of Sale System that integrates your gift cards, allowing any employee to sell

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Remember, every day is an opportunity to capture new customers with gift cards and attractive displays.  They continue to be the number one gift given and remain the number one gift customers choose to receive.

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