The Automation of Restaurant Delivery takes a more efficient turn.

Restaurants crippled with staff shortages, rising food costs, and expensive delivery options may now look to the new  Rover Bots to reduce costs associated with food delivery. Colleges around the country are testing Kiwibots to deliver student meal plans. Berkeley’s University of California has had over 150,000 successful deliveries, with more colleges leaping.

Now many restaurants are taking a look at these new automated options to replace their skyrocketing labor costs. Chick-fil-A is testing the new Kiwibots at several Southern California locations, and Dominos has already spent a pretty penny advertising self-driving vehicles for their delivery needs.

The question remains….will these delivery apps and bots help restaurants or take more of a bite out of their profits? Most delivery apps charge both the restaurant and the customer. So how can you minimize the costs and keep your customers happy?

5 App Delivery Tips to help Restaurants Minimize these Costs

Negotiate Your Fees

Many apps will negotiate the rate if you just ask. However, they may require a commitment, so do your research and ask other restaurants. Most are happy to give their opinion.

Limit App Menu items

Reduce your App menu order options to high-profit items.  Offer a more extensive menu for in-house pick up.

Use a Bag Stuffer to Advertise and Redirect Orders

Offer an alternative method of ordering placing an advertisement in the bag or taped to the box.  A coupon does wonders to entice pick-up orders or consider a one-time discount to order from your site.

Dual Option Ordering

Deploying an Online Ordering Page integrated into your own POS System has never been easier. Unfortunately, many restaurants think they need to use these apps for pick-ups as well as delivery. This is not the case, and it cuts into their profitability.

Utilize all Social Platforms

Make sure you deploy these applications on all your social media platforms.

With technology rapidly replacing the labor force,  isn’t it time you explored the options?  We can help you navigate the waters and find an easy way to harness this technology.  Give us a call or contact us.