Easy and Safe Ordering with Digital Menus

Are you wondering how to make your customers feel safe when they come into your restaurant during the Holidays and throughout the year? Do you want to ensure that they shop at your store or dine at your restaurant? Why not consider implementing a digital menu? It’s easier than you think and can even be tied to your Point of Sale System.

Our new normal finds restaurants shifting their focus to online ordering, delivery, and curbside pick-up. These restaurants also want their customers to view their menus online, especially on their social networks. The new digital menus are also an amazing tool to help while staffing is challenging, allowing customers to view your menu on their phone at home, on the road, or sitting at your table.  Print paper menus or use table tents with a QR code that can even fire orders to the kitchen.

Automation – A Game Changer

Successful restaurants are changing the way they communicate with their customers.  Those that implemented digital menus on their website and social media marketed to the masses and survived.  This helped them to keep their doors open during the pandemic and made many embrace technology by automating many of their systems.

Give Your Customers a Touch-less Experience

Restaurants are displaying their menus everywhere and now utilizing digital menus for consumers to order directly from their personal devices.  Display your personalized QR code anywhere and everywhere for the consumer to download.  Some have even created a full touch-less menu experience firing orders to the kitchen and allowing customers to pay at the table. It’s a seamless system that automates a lot of the process for you, saving you time and money in staffing while giving your customer a “Wow” experience.

Simple QR codes are easy to post on your social platforms in mailings, printed materials, and email campaigns.  their pizza boxes or placed in their delivery bags with a coupon for their next order.

Business as we know it will never be the same again, and every restaurant needs to adapt to stay competitive. Amazon is doing more business than ever. With their acquisition of Whole Foods for over 13.7 billion, we can only imagine what the future holds in online delivery….drones delivering food?   As a business owner, learn from them and many of the other large businesses and restaurants that have moved part, if not all, of their business online.

Ghost Kitchens

We even see the new Ghost Kitchen Concept as another interesting restaurant model. What are they?  Food prep-operations with no parking lots, no waiters, and no dining rooms.  Only cooks and delivery drivers are needed—what a great way to combat the labor shortage we are all experiencing.

What Big Box Stores and Restaurants are Doing

Isn’t it time your Restaurant followed the same business model that the “Big Guys” follow by using a simple, easy-to-use platform such as our Digital Menu tied to our On-line Ordering model?  Then, check out some great tips for reopening and keeping customers safe in the aftermath.

Lastly, check out how some restaurants are thriving during these changing times by pivoting the way they do business. For example, check out what Chef Calvo did in her Miami restaurant. You can now offer the same order-from-home service that they offer to stay competitive during these trying times. Our platforms are also good for curbside pickup and delivery.