Online Line Ordering is a Must for Restauranteurs

Today your customers are looking at their smartphones, Desktops, or Laptops when choosing a restaurant to dine in, pick up, or have food delivered. But are you making it easy for your customers to order this way? A Point of Sale System that integrates online ordering is essential to your success now and in the future. With the significant shift from desktops to smartphones, your restaurant must make ordering easy for your customers from whichever device they choose.

Competition is fierce as new restaurants are opening every day and whether you are offering fine dining, casual, takeout, delivery, or a combination, running a restaurant isn’t easy. So how do you rise above and stand out among the other restaurants in your area?

Offer Fast Service and Ease of Use

Mobile online ordering should be built-in, so your employees will spend more time serving customers and less answering the phone. Most diners have smartphones, and they’re doing everything on them, including finding a restaurant and placing orders. They want less interaction from the restaurant along with fast and easy pickup. This saves time and improves the accuracy of orders.

Furthermore, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and other food delivery services allow customers to order food from multiple restaurants in one place. Are you taking advantage of this method of ordering? If you are, we can help with a lower-cost alternative.

Today, more than half of the takeout orders in restaurants are done through the Internet. Many different resources have cited revenue increases of up to 30 percent and more for restaurants that use online ordering.

Update your POS System

Your POS System must have a stable and easy platform to use. A good one will turn tables faster, fire orders to the kitchen, and order and pay at the table. Online ordering should be built-in with your choice of a KDS screen, printer integration at the hostess stand, or directly to your kitchen. You also need a system that will help streamline and optimize your operations in the front and back of the house. Today more restaurants are moving back to server-based functionality for speed and stability. Often cloud-based systems are just not fast enough for busy restaurants.

What to look for in a Restaurant POS System:

Ease of use with Local Support 

Make sure your POS System has an online ordering system that allows your customers to modify their orders quickly and without your staff’s assistance—freeing up employees to focus on customers. Also, the ease of use will create accurate orders with less food wasted and less labor.

Look for a POS System that allows you to add, delete or modify your online menus in minutes. Also, one that will enable you to 86 an item instantly, to save precious staff time and achieve a better overall guest experience. A POS System that makes running your online menu simple and creates a great customer experience is beneficial. In addition, you and your staff be able to should easily manage daily specials on-site or on any mobile device from anywhere in the world.


Having a Mobile-friendly POS is essential in today’s world. Look for a POS system with responsive design and customer engagement; this will put you miles ahead of the competition, giving you the edge. Also, make sure your POS System can be operated and scalable on all mobile devices so your customers can order from you, no matter where they are.

Online Integration 

Save time by firing directly to the kitchen and enabling features like automatic throttling to keep your clients and cooks happy. Display special catering items during the holidays and control this entirely in-house without a third party.

It is time to let technology enhance your guest experience more than ever. A Point of Sale should be a moneymaker for your business if you select the right one.