Speaking at the last RSPA meeting in Nashville, TN, Restauranteur and star of Bar Rescue John Taffer’s message was clear – Take action now! Thousands of programmers in Silicon Valley are trying to take your restaurant’s profits at this moment! These online delivery app programmers are redirecting online ordering and making a handsome profit at your expense. At the same time, this is an excellent solution for promoting your restaurant or delivering. If you do not have delivery drivers, it takes a large chunk out of the typical restaurant’s profits!  However, they are also redirecting your in-house pickup orders.

In November, Domino’s Pizza announced they would help merchants offset these fees by purchasing gift cards from local restaurants.

Door Dash, Grub Hub, Uber Eats, and other third-party delivery services are also cashing in on the pandemic. With restaurants and retail shifting their focus to online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup they must embrace technology. However, at a whopping 15%-30% charge, this can really take a bite out of your profits. Especially with pickup, catering, and order ahead options. What can you to do protect your margins?

How restaurant owners are taking steps to reduce high delivery fees:

Use bag stuffers, magnets, or anything to direct customers to your online ordering page!

Add a simple flyer with a QR Code or promotion to entice repeat orders directly from you

Give a discount if they order directly from your link and not through a delivery app

Give away inexpensive magnets, calendars, or some keepsake to remind them to order from your restaurant

Collect customer emails and Market consistently to build business value for the long term

Offer server contests, free drinks, or desserts to build your client list. Not only will this help with marketing it will also help boost employee morale.

Send out specials and create loyalty to entice your customer to order online from you

If you are not in front of your customers, make no mistake your competition is

Add Options to your Online ordering Social Media Sites

Make sure you have your own online ordering page or button that directs your customers to order from you not a third party

Consider a gift card swap with other local restaurants and sell your gift cards online

Add online ordering buttons. or links,  on all of your social sites, even in your email signature correspondence

Automate your Processes

Use a Restaurant POS System that can receive these online orders saving time and labor

Choose a POS that integrates all your coupons and gift cards. If you are using paper gift certificates make the switch to plastic gift cards

While technology is taking over and helping restaurants grow, make sure you are mindful of the process and cost of these systems.  By implementing a few simple changes, you can increase profits and create a better overall guest experience. Call us if you need help at 239-549-5055.